Gay Pride Amsterdam 2016

Everyone has the right to be themselves and to love whom he / she wants. To continue to draw attention to human rights in general and tolerance, acceptance and equality of LGBT in particular, around the world, is held annually the Amsterdam Gay Pride. The foundation Amsterdam Gay Pride facilitates and organizes together with its partners, a nine-day festival, which offers a variety of events in the field of debate, art, theater, film, (dance) parties and sports. The highlight is the famous Boat Parade where content and entertainment come together to an exciting spectacle. The festival aims to make visible diversity, to make people proud of who they are and to show solidarity with groups and countries which (still) does not apply.

Agenda 2016

In 2016, Pink Saturday will be back in Amsterdam, so for the first time since the Amsterdam Pride was established in 1996, both Gay Prides will be held simultaneously!

Pink Saturday is held every year in a different city. Previous years cities like Utrecht, Eindhoven and Maastricht hosted this event. Initially, it was mainly a demonstration, but today it has a more playful character. The parade walk regularly welcomes famous gay and straight participants, as well as leaders from the gay movements and local politicians, who hold speeches. The rest of the day is filled with performances and parties. There is always an information area, where various gay and gay-friendly organizations and companies present themselves.

Human Rights Concert with various Dutch and International artists

On Saturday, August 6, there’s the famous carnivalesque Canal Parade. The 80 boats depart at 14.00 hrs from Westerdok, and via Prinsengracht, Amstel, Zwanenburgwal and Oudeschans they will arrive around 18.00 hrs at Oosterdok.

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Ban Ki-moon
Secretary-General of the United Nations

“To those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, let me say, you are not alone. Your struggle for an end to violence and discrimination is a shared struggle. any attack on you, is an attack on the universal values of the United Nations.”

Europe Rainbow Map
A national level snapshot


The recognition of the human rights of trans and intersex people came to the fore in a major way in 2014. The made advances belong to the activists and the political leaders who are willing to raise their head above the parapet and lead social change. Click image to enlarge.

Eberhard van der Laan
Mayor of Amsterdam

“Each summer we celebrate gay pride, a succesful event which contributes to a tolerant and gay friendly atmosphere. Our aim is to extend this powerful event on a bigger scale; EuroPride 2016 would be the perfect possibility.”

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